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I blogged! But this time it was at the Mozilla Webdev blog. It's all about this little thing I made called Go check it out. Do it now.

Scrum and Bugzilla

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Update 3/30/2011: This has been merged into Django-model-utils (Thanks to Carl Meyer). There is a ton of useful stuff in that package. You should really be using it. I am.

Django's built-in Model Manager and QuerySet classes include plenty of useful methods. But often you'll want ...

| #python, #django

Until yesterday I thought the new messages framework in Django 1.2 was doing things stupidly. I like the Fallback backend; it uses signed cookies to store the messages that will be displayed to the user. This avoids the DB or cache hits that'd you'd normally get from ...

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I just released my first Django reusable app. django-celery-email is an email backend for Django 1.2+ that uses the amazing Celery to process sending the emails out-of-band. If you're a Python developer and have ever wanted to use a queue to send information to separate processes that will ...