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Sir Terry Pratchett was an amazing author and person. A movement has started based on some of his writing to keep his name flowing around the Web for years to come. Check the headers of this site and you'll see it's happening.

GNU Terry Pratchett

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Monthly update on what's been happening with

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I'm starting a new blog post series. I'm calling it, as the title of this post suggests, "The State of", which is possibly confusing, but I think funny. So we'll try it for now. The purpose of this is to have a bi-weekly log of ...

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I wanted to add "Edit on Github" links to every page of my blog. I couldn't find a plugin that does this, so I wrote one. Introducing Pelican Edit URL. It's a plugin for Pelican that adds an edit_url property to article and page objects. This allows you ...

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When I first deployed this new static blog it was hosted on Github Pages. As it turns out thgough, this solution was suboptimal for a few reasons. One problem was that since I didn't want to use Jekyll I had to check the compiled site into the master branch ...

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As most web developers are want to do more often than most, I've changed the tech underlying my blog. My first blog was a custom PHP beast completely hand-written by me and found at sometime around 2001. In the time since I've tried wordpress, blogspot, and ...

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I blogged! But this time it was at the Mozilla Webdev blog. It's all about this little thing I made called Go check it out. Do it now.

Scrum and Bugzilla

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Update 3/30/2011: This has been merged into Django-model-utils (Thanks to Carl Meyer). There is a ton of useful stuff in that package. You should really be using it. I am.

Django's built-in Model Manager and QuerySet classes include plenty of useful methods. But often you'll want ...

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Until yesterday I thought the new messages framework in Django 1.2 was doing things stupidly. I like the Fallback backend; it uses signed cookies to store the messages that will be displayed to the user. This avoids the DB or cache hits that'd you'd normally get from ...

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One of the best things about Slicehost is their DNS service. They allow you to host and easily maintain any number of zones you want, even ones that aren't hosted on a slice. They also provide an excellent RESTful API for automatically modifying these zones and records. This came ...

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