About This Site

This is my personal site. Nothing on here represents anything but my opinions and work. Thanks for stopping by!


As for me, I’m a husband and father primarily. I work for Mozilla as a mostly back-end web developer bending Python and Django to my will. It’s far-and-away the best company for which I’ve ever worked, or really ever thought about working. It’s an entire organization dedicated to the freedom, accessibility, privacy, and security of The Web. I just love that. Everything we do is open source (from Firefox to all the websites), but beyond that it’s planned and discussed in the open and liberally licensed. I could go on and on, and in some post I’m sure I will. Suffice to say that I like it there, and if you’re similarly inclined I can’t more highly recommend applying.

The code for this site is licensed MIT, and the content under a Creative Commons share-alike license linked in the footer.


This site is hosted at Netlify, an outstanding host for generated static websites. I use Hugo to generate it from Markdown files. The code for the site is open and available for your perusal and/or help (PRs welcome ;).

The theme for the site is a port of Hyde for Hugo. I’ve integrated Font Awesome for all the fancy icons that magically match my color scheme.


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, funny gifs, or angry gramatical corrections, please click one of the links that looks like a bird and let me know on The Twitters. If you’re not Twitterally inclined, I always appreciate a nice issue or pull-request filing at the Github repo.

Thanks again for reading.


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